Parts of Fiber Laser Cutting machine  Parts of CO2 Laser  Engraving machine

 Sells different types and brands of spare part and consumables for laser cutting and engraving machines.  We have RECI, CAMFive and Yongli CO2 laser tubes,laser lens and mirrors, power supplies, belts, electronic cards, cables etc

Part of fiber laser cutting machine
  • Protective /focusing/collimating lens
  • Ceramic Ring Laser Nozzle
  • Induction Line Sealing Ring
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Parts of Fiber laser mark machine
  • Xe Lamp For YAG Fiber Laser
  • Metal Sheet Testing Material
  • Laser Path Adjust Film Dimmer
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 CO2 laser machine Lens
  • CO2 laser focusing lens
  • CO2 Laser Reflective Mirror
  • washer for Co2 Laser focusing
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CO2 laser tube
  • high quality CO2 laser Tube
  • Economic type CO2 laser Tube
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Other CO2 laser machine part
  • Control panel/ control card
  • Power supply for CO2 laser
  • Water pump/ water protection
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Co2 transmission/hardware part
  • CO2 Laser Head for Focus Lens
  • PMI Linear Guideway
  • Honeycomb Working Table
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Split fiber laser mark machine 
  • Price :2600 USD
  • Laser Power:20W/30W/40w
  • Mark ing area:11x11cm
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metal tube  laser mark machine 
  • Working area:130*250cm
  • Auto Focus by Color
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Lase machine Accessories
  • Working area:130*90cm
  • Auto Focus by Color
  • Air-Assist for Laser Cutter
  • More...